Day 67

April 21st, 2011 | Matthew

2 Responses to “Day 67”

  1. Anne Lathrop says:

    Plllluuuueeeeeeeeese don’t abandon these wonderful affirmations.

    Unless you Must, of course, then we will perhaps get over it in time…especially using those you have already sent as guiding lights in the foggy terrain of life.

    Lots of love to all four of you, plus affiliates.

  2. Anne Lathrop says:

    The new timing arrangement for publishing our daily nourishment is working just fine.

    We didn’t really need to shape up every day, it is actually probably a healthy exercise to have a couple days of despair to blithely cast off on our very own initiative.

    I’m doing well with this. I spend a lot of time working hard, and almost as much time resting while reading E. Phillips Oppenheim books written in the 1920′s +.

    lots of love to all four + ambient pets

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